Sunday, 30 July 2017

Wednesday Inspired | Outfit

Fearless Illustration Glittering Cage Collar Tee Nugoth

Fearless Illustration Glittering Cage Collar Tee

The other weekend I went to go watch the Adams family play in Bradford. Of course I had to make a Wednesday inspired outfit and this is what I managed with the clothes I have. We all know Wednesday's clothes are known for the white collar. Well I didn't have one. I had this rib cage top however that has a collar. So I used this and threw on over a black slip dress.

The play its self was amazing! I really enjoyed It! Wednesday had a bow and arrow and had a coffin back pack that I so need. It was a play that was sent after the film's. Wednesday had fallen in love with a "normal" guy. The play was all based around the family's meeting each other for the first time before Wednesday told them they were engaged. There was quite a lot of funny moments. I would go back to see it again.

| Outfit; | Top - Fearless Illustration | Dress - Asos | Shoes - Iron Fist |

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