Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Packing For A Short Break Abroad | Rotterdam

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This year apart from taking short breaks within the UK I'll be going over to Rotterdam.

I'm going on the ferry which I've never been on. So I don't intend to take a suitcase, just a medium backpack to get me through. I'll be going for in total including the nights on the ferry 4 days. I'm not counting the 5th day as i arrive back in the UK at 9am. So I'll repeat an outfit for that.

I plan to have a different outfit for each of the days I'm there. Though I will be using some items more than once. Apart from the backpack I'll use to carry all the clothes and toiletries I'll also have a small bag for every day use while I'm there. So that brings extra space. If needed I can always put something inside that.

I plan to take one dress that i might travel in and wear on a different day, for the rest I'm going to take my shorts with different tops. I could always layer a top over the dress, depending how warm it will actually be. I'll also have a thin cardigan with me, even though it's summer it can still get chilly. Also i will be taking some tights just encase. I'll probably take a thin scarf as I'll be on a ferry and it could get a little chilly. The rest will be toiletries.

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