Sunday, 23 July 2017

Bomb Cosmetics Bath Bomb Reviews

Yorkshire Soap Company Duck Bath Bomb, Pool Party

One day while i was in town i just stumbled into the shop Yorkshire Soap Company, i'd never been in it before and usually just go to Lush. But i'm so glad i did, they have super cute range of bathbombs for around £3 each. Everything smells amazing and it's curelty free! (I asked the staff)

Both of these bath bombs i bought because they have the little toy on top. Those are real tiny toys! They would be great for kids. They both smelt amazing and my skin after was super smooth! They fizzed around and fully changed the colour of the bath water. They however don't have these bathbombs on Yorkshire Soap Company site, or at least i can't find them. I've forgotten the name of them but they're easy to spot in store and i only have the wrapper to the duck one which is called Pool Party.

Pool Party - Time for a paddle at the Pool Party! Splash around with scents of Fresh Cotton and Lavender pure essential oils, the fun has only just begun!

 I'll be going in to buy some bath items once i've run out of everything, i've also told my mum to buy me stuff in their for xmas.
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