Thursday, 16 October 2014

Stuff I Bought | Small Haul

Just a few things i bought to try or because they're an old favourite of mine. Of course i had to get these clothes when i saw them. I've been looking for a cross vest for a long time so when i saw this in H&M you know i had to buy it. The grey top looked so good when i tried it on, so i had to get that too. The sweater is from Primark and I'm not to sure about it anymore, i wore it once and didn't quite like the fit.

Two dry shampoos for my to try and review, so they will come eventually. Neutrogena also.
Lush stepping stone and seventeen concealer I've been using for a while, i almost finished the concealer so i picked up another one, i have a review on it here. Also have a review on the stepping stone here too.
I'm sure i bought more but i can't remember.

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