Saturday, 25 October 2014

Halloween Inspired Clothes | Wants


As Halloween comes around i find myself wanting to buy a lot of clothes. I can't help it, clothes with bones and skulls scream for me to own them. There is a lot of good Halloween themed clothes around this year and i have an endless list as I'm always seeing new things i need. These are just a few I've found that are actually on polyvore. If nothing else i must pop into topshop and buy those bone tights since mine broke early this year and I've yet to replace them.

I'm hoping a lot of them will go on sale after Halloween is over as I'm after some bone lounge pants from topman. I know they're going to be way to big for me even at the smallest size but i need them to keep me warm this winter, that is my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

Anyone doing anything for Halloween? I'll be watching whatever horror movies that are on TV.

She Said Beauty


  1. Love your picks- especially the eyeball socks. I'm hoping for some post Halloween bargains too *fingers crossed*

    1. Thanks :) Bargains are the best part of shopping hah :)


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