Thursday, 9 October 2014

Autumn Staples For Me

Autumn Staples
This is pretty much what i will be wearing this autumn.

Nothing much has changed in my wardrobe over the years. Shorts and tights are something I've always worn and will continue to do so, there is something about it that looks so effortless and cool at the same time. Besides that, it's super comfy and when it's chilly that is what you need.
There is something missing from the image and that's cardigans. I wear them a lot in autumn as I'm not a fan of coats and will only wear them when it's in the minus numbers or if it's raining way to much. At the moment i have around 10 cardigans all with different thickness. Some i just use to add a little more warmth under the other cardigans.

Flannels are a big love of mine, they're so easy to wear. They're the perfect item for layering for when it's a bit chilly. The pop of plaid from under a cardigan adds something extra to outfits.

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