Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Textured Outfit

      | Outfit: | Cardigan - Primark | Scarf - New Look | Trousers - Primark | Creepers - Barretts |

I love this outfit, it has different textures which i feel makes it look better than other all black outfits that don't have as much texture. Yes it's this cardigan again. I love it, it's so warm, cosy and fluffy. I know i'm going to wear it a lot this winter. As for these fake leather jeans, they don't fit me right and look a little baggy. Which is annoying as i wanted tight fitting ones. But it just means i can wear leggings under them when it gets colder.

I'll be putting my creepers away soon since they are no good for the rain and would probably get ruined. I don't want to, i love these shoes too much. But at least i'll get to wear my doc's a lot more.


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