Friday, 2 November 2012

Got2b POWDER'ful Review

I've had this for a while but never got around to reviewing it. While i was tidying i saw it and figured i should do it now before i forget.

It's supposed to give volume to your hair. To apply it your supposed to shake some into your hands and rub it into your roots or shake the powder directly onto your hair.

This little thing cost £4 which i thought wasn't to bad, since i thought it would last a while. It did considering i bought it when it first came out but i couldn't use it.
This is going to be a bad review because i hate it.

It leaves the hair feeling horrible and leaves it looking like it hasn't been washed in days. The hair all clumps together. DISGUSTING!
It doesn't even brush out, I've tried using it a few times now and each time i have the same problem. It does leave the hair a little volumized.
 If you want something that leaves your hair matted, clunky and sticking together, then buy this.

I wish i had never bought this, since it is that bad. I don't normally complain about products since they normally do the job just fine. But this, no, it doesn't volumized the hair much and it leaves it horrible.

There isn't much more i can say about this product apart from don't buy it.
Looking around on the Internet it seams I'm not the only one who doesn't like this.

Anyway i will leave you with the newest song from my favourite Korean group.
 Stop It by B.A.P

Hope you all enjoyed Halloween :)

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