Sunday, 11 November 2012

German Market Part 1

It's that time when the German Market comes to Leeds. And i have to say i love it!
The atmosphere is just amazing, there is yummy food and cool things to buy.
There is going to be a few parts to this post because i ended up taking a lot of photos. 
I am warning you now there is going to be a lot of photos and hardly any text in this post.

As always you can click on a photo to enlarge them.

 I love the shape of this. A garlic for garlic bread :)

 I actually bought one of these to go with my collection.

 I also bought a hat from the hat stall. I now have a German hat.

Next part will be food.
That's it for this post, i know it's a lot of photos, but who doesn't like photos?

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