Friday, 10 August 2012

The sun is out and so am i - Outfit Of The Day

Okay so i got them a week ago or something like that but AHHHH!!

It's  nice warm day, so i decided to wear my shorts again. Okay i love shorts and I'm in them alot.

Again i tyred to take artistic photos. They came out okay, don't know about been artstic though.

Since it started to get colder i opted for my denim shirt instead of a cardigan.

Top - New Look
Shorts - Tesco
Denim Shirt - River Island
Bag - Primark
Socks - I dunnooo
Shoes - Creepers - Barretts
Belt - Forever21
Skull bracelets - Select
Ring - Ebay
Brown rope bracelet - Ebay
Cross earrings - Select

Instagram - HelloEmski - Follow me yo! Shamelessly promoting my instagram...

I really should post regularly.

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