Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Most Worn Summer

I saw the most worn tag on youtube and it looked like it would make a good post.
And this is my 100th post, so i figured I'd do something else apart from an outfit of the day.
I do actually have a outfit of the day post planed, but that can wait a day or two.

- Most worn tops -

Plain white top is from the mens department in primark. I've won this so much since i bought it. It's long that's the reason i bought it, so i can wear it with leggings.
Star top is from cutejapanesefashion. I were it on the cooler days, which we have a lot in England.
Denim shirt from river island. It's the perfect cover up for when it gets colder at night.
Stripy purple top from new look. I've also worn that a bit to much since i bought it. It's just so baggy and comfy. I love baggy oversized tops.

- Most worn bottoms -

Grey shorts from Tesco. It's so rare to find something good in tesco, so when i saw them i was happy. Denim shorts from Primark, heck there just normal shorts that everyone weres in the summer since they are so easy to style. I were shorts A LOT in the summer.
Leggings from cutejapanesefashion. I also were leggings a lot on the colder days, i have a lot of leggings, but these are by far my favourite.

- Most worn accessory's -

Ah i forgot to include my bracelets, but the ones i were the most are the black ones that are in a lot of my outfit of the day posts.
I love double finger rings and armour rings. (I unfortunately lost my gold armour ring T_T) I love cross necklaces too, i think i own 5 of them or something like that.
Music ring from clairs. Cross ring, Amour ring, Screw earrings, Heart earrings are all from ebay.
The spike ring is from my black star perfume.
The cross necklaces were both Christmas presents.

- Most work shoes -

Creepers, I've only had them for a while but I've been wearing them everyday since i bought them. I am in love with them ^_^
Boots are from Tesco, another nice find from there. I like this because i think they toughen up an outfit.

Well that was my most worn, i of course were other clothes and there is probably more i wear a lot too, but these are the only ones i could think of.

What are your most worn?

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