Saturday, 25 August 2012

If all my makeup disappeared...

So i saw this on peoples blogs, and it looked fun. So...
I know the photo is sideways... But ooh well.
The idea behind this is, if you woke up one morning and ALL of your makeup had vanished. And what you would go and repurchase.
You're supposed to choose 10 items, but if i did that then there would be more than one bb cream on here. I really don't wear that much makeup.

1) Skin Food Mushroom BB Cream - Now i wouldn't be able to go out and buy it in a shop, since i don't live in Korea. But i only use Korean BB Creams and not foundation, since i can't find a foundation here to match my skin tone. I love this BB Cream, it's not my favourite but i can't find my skin79 one... It does the job well and stays put.

2) Collection 2000 light diffusing concealer - It does a good job at hiding my dark under eye circle, and it doesn't cost a lot.

3) Palgantong powder - This is another one i couldn't go out to the shop and buy, i believe it's from Singapore. It's good for summer to hold my bb cream longer. I got it in a pack i think. I can't remember.

4) Maybelline eyestudio lasting drama gel liner - This stays put all day! It goes on smooth and is easy to remove, one of my favourite liners.

5) Rimmel black eyeshadow - I use this to go over my liner to make it last longer, it isn't a dark black, but it does what i need it to do.

6) Carmex lip balm - This is one of my favourites to use, it's amazing and works very well. The best thing to use during winter.

7) Rimmel exaggerate waterproof eye definer - It's good, it's waterproof, it lasts a while.

8) Etude House Proof 10 - Again i couldn't go out and buy this, but it's what i use so... It lasts all day and the colour is amazing.

I kind of ran out of products. What would be your picks to buy if your makeup magically disappeared?

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