Sunday, 12 August 2012

Gold post box + outfit of the day

 I'm posting this with my phone, I'm just testing it incase I don't have my laptop one day and I want to post something. Also the photos are taken with my phone aswell.
Anyway, I went it to town and saw the golden post boxs. Incase you dont know they are painting a post box for every gold medal england wins in the Olympics, the boxs will be painted in the area the person who won if from. So I live in Leeds and the female boxer that won gold is from here. So we got a gold post box. Well actually we got two because they were next to each other.
I also went to Costa and got a hot chocolate and chocolate brownie. Mmm choco brownie yum yum.
Top - Topshop
Jeggings - Primark
Bag - From a shop that's not longer around.
Rings - EBay
Black bracelets - EBay
Skull bracelets - Select
Shoes - Creepers - Barettes

Edit :  I don't know why the photos came out in low resolution. But i'll probably not post photos with my phone again since blogger seams to make them come out bad.

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