Monday, 8 January 2018

Hexbomb Hellfury | Review

Hexbomb Hellfury Review

So I finally got around to taking a bath with one of the hexbombs I have. This time I used Hellfury which made the water a blood red colour and smelt very nice as it's infused with cherry cupcake fragrant oil. The colour is very vibrant and stays that way, I forgot to empty the tub and when I remembered the colour was still the same.

It doesn't stain the tub. Which is great, as I used a lush black one the other day and that's left some stains. It was a very relaxing bath and the smell stayed for a very long time. As with most bath bombs it left my skin feeling soft too. I've got some more of their bathbombs to use and if they're like this one i'll also be in love.

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