Friday, 1 December 2017

Winter Coat Searching

 As I’m always cold i figured it was time to find a new winter coat especially because the black one i own doesn't have a hood, which isn't very good in winter. I love how it looks and will continue to wear it but i need one with a hood for the days it pours it down and is windy. Some of them I’ve been looking at are wool/polyester. 

I want a black one as I’ll wear that more often which is the same with any clothes. I have a blue parka style coat but i basically only wear it to walk to work and most of the time it overheats me while i'm walking.

The criteria is;
- Black 
- With a hood 
- Has pockets 

I plan to look online to buy one, which can make it trickier since you can't feel it or try it to see what will fit under it, you can only base the coat on the photos, which when looking for a winter one can be deceiving as it might not be as thick as it looks or be as weather resistant as it seems. 

Coats i'm contemplating are from re-style;

 I know they don't look very warm but considering i don't normally wear a coat anyway and just deal with hoodies and cardigans with layers under, i think these will be a lot warmer than what i usually wear. I'm thinking of buying one from the right hand side, they a good length for my and have some detail that makes them stand out.

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