Sunday, 12 November 2017

Cozy Clothing Season

Time for jumpers and cardigans!

 So the temperature has dropped and it's time to dig out the cosy clothes again. I love autumn since you get to snuggle into cute jumpers and cardigans and not over heat. As i pretty much power walk to work i can't wear a coat, so i nice warmish cardigan is good for those mornings.
This dead cute jumper from iron fist is probably one of my favourites, it's quite thin but it's still pretty warm and of course cute! Just look at that little coffin! I can layer a long sleeve top under this to keep me warm however.

The star cardigan i actually do wear quite regularly to work as it's knitted but is breathable as i walk to work. Which i'm not sure where i got it from as i've had it a lot of years, maybe mango. If i decide to wear it on a practically
chilly morning which we've been having recently, i will layer a thin black cardigan under it. As i do a lot in the autumn months.

Throw on a scarf or beanie and i'm good to go for the day.

Though this is probably my go to uniform for work in autumn and most of winter. I got this hooded cardigan from H&M probably over a year again and i wear it a lot. I'm always throwing this on as it's easy to wear and keeps me warm. Most of the days i will be seen in this at work. However i'm always wearing something different under it. As it's plain black it goes with anything, i say that but all of my clothes are black. The length of it is also great, though i am on the look out for a full length cardigan.

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  1. I walk to work as well and yes a coat gets toot some times, i love these jumpers especially the dead cute one! love it. great post :D xx


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