Thursday, 26 March 2015

Work Beauty Bag | What's in it?

What beauty products do i have at work? Not much really, just a few items i feel are needed. They're kept in my draw at work and only left for these photos. I don't have makeup as i don't really carry it around, unless I'm carrying my contacts/glasses. Which i do at work but they stay in my bag. 

What i have:
  1. Lip balm
  2. Hand cream
  3.  Brush
  4. Mini perfume
  5. Nail file
I always (at least try to) carry around and use lip balm as my lips do become chapped easily. Carmex is one of my favourite's to use as it works so well. Especially for extra dry lips, i remember a bad period last winter and this saved me. I have the hand cream because soap at times makes my hands dry, and it doesn't look good, this isn't the best but it does it's job for now, though it smells a little weird, not bad though. 
The brush is just for my to tidy up my fringe once i get to work as the wind destroys it on my walk in. Mini perfume just in case i forget to spray myself as I'm heading out of the door, i got it in the Christmas advent calendar and for a celeb perfume it's quite nice, it's a Katy Perry one. And last a nail file in case any of my nails break.

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