Tuesday, 10 March 2015

One Dress Three Outfits

Nugoth outfits, Work outfits, Easy outfits,

Making the most out of my wardrobe, and since i finally bought a black vest dress I've been thinking of ways to style it. I got mine from H&M's basic section.

From left to right;

First outfit - This is pretty basic but at the same time i feel it makes an impact with the texture of the cardigan and the toughness of the Doc's. To make it a little less boring i decided bright orange nail varnish was the way to go which i need to buy. It's simple, it works, can be worn pretty much anywhere.

Second outfit - The feature of this top is definitely the sweater. The cactus print grabs the attention straight away. Because of the print i decided to keep the rest of the outfit plain black. If i wanted more colour i would paint the nails green to match with the cactus. I own this sweater and wore it to work one day, everyone liked it.

Third outfit - I had to make a somewhat boyish outfit somehow with this dress. Oversized hoodie does the trick. To add some cuteness i went with pug tights. But the outfit doesn't really need cute. I just couldn't resit the tights. Since everything is black i went with a silver backpack just to brighten it a little. Knowing me i would probably find a black bag to use though.

I know every dress is different, but it just didn't look right with the same dress three times in the collage. But they're basically the same.
What do you think?

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