Thursday, 29 January 2015

Monki Outfits

Monki Outfit's

One of my favourite brands is Monki, i don't own much by them yet. But i like that they're sort of basic with their clothing and still somewhat quirky. So i decided to throw some outfits together with their items. Everything is pretty much simple and basic as i like that. I could also call this a wish list as i really want each of these tops and a few of the other items.

The first outfit started around the simple tee. I decided to go with that jacket to add a sport feel. The second was based around the top and beanie, i was thinking of doing that outfit with denim shorts but i wasn't sure about the blue and went back to black, as usual with most of my outfits. I has a little trouble trying to style the third as that top didn't want to match with anything, so in the end i decided to layer it over a maxi dress and throw in some slip on shoes. Of course add a cardigan to the last two outfits, but i couldn't find a good on one polyvore.

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