Saturday, 3 January 2015

Evil Twin Tee | Outfit

Evil Twin T-Shirt

 Evil Twin T-Shirt

Evil Twin T-Shirt

Happy New Year!
I haven't posted since Christmas day since I've been a bit busy and had stuff to do and people to see haha. Eventually i got around to wearing this t-shirt again after such a long time. The same with my shoes really, I've not styled them with much yet but i probably will soon, now that I've noticed how comfy they actually are, but I've just gotten some new vans so i might live in them for a few months.

Hope you all had a good new years, i myself went to Fab Cafe in Leeds with some people i care about. It was an awesome time and i love fab, the design inside just makes me feel somewhat comfortable whereas in other bars i don't like it and want to leave.

| Outfit: | Coat - Ebay | Tee - Evil Twin | Shoes - YouthRiseUp |

She Said Beauty


  1. I like your personal style, your outfits are really well thought out! (๑´ㅂ`๑)

    1. Thanks :) I do try and think of what works together.

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