Thursday, 4 December 2014

Beauty at Tesco Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar

This year i decided to try a beauty advent calendar, but i didn't want to spend to much so when i saw tesco's for half price at £25 i had to buy it. They still have some in stock at the moment. Sorry for the bad photos, it's dark at 2.30am and i wanted to get this up before i forgot.
Tesco advent calendar

I only got this yesterday after waiting two days for it to be delivered to click and collect in store. So i had a few doors to open.

Tesco Beauty Advent Calendar

 This is what I've gotten for the first four days, so far nothing brilliant though the Paul smith perfume smells lovely. I don't care for false eyelashes or lip gloss. I guess i could try the lashes as I've never worn any but for the lip gloss i won't use it at all, guess I'll have to sell it or something.

I'm thinking of updating this maybe everyday or once a week but I'm not sure, what do you think?
At the end i will do an over all review on it and tell you what i thought about the products for if it was worth the price.

She Said Beauty

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