Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Red Terror | Outfit

Alternative outfit

Rib cage outfit

Rib cage with leg warmers outfit

Alternative outfit with beanie with ears

I wore this a little while ago when it wasn't so cold. I'm still in love with this scarf since it has rips and holes towards the ends. It just adds a little something to what would be a basic boring scarf. It's not quite clear that i actually have legwarmers on, i will add them to my instagram with filters so you can see. I might have some other ideas for outfits with my legwarmers, but I'm not sure yet.

| Outfit: | Coat - Asos | Scarf - Ebay | T-shirt - Primark | Shoes - NewLook | Hat - StyleNanda | 

The title of this post comes from a Post War Glamour Girls song.

She Said Beauty

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