Sunday, 9 November 2014

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Denim Jacket Winter Outfit

Velvet leggings outfit

Ear Hoodie Outfit

So i wore this a few days ago and i was cold. I underestimated just how cold it has gotten lately. I am not ready for winter at all, i just want the warmer weather back, i don't even want summer just Autumn.

Strangely i never seem to actually wear my denim jacket in the summer like most people, i bring it out around spring and autumn times. I had to add something cute to this otherwise basic outfit, and that comes in the form of my cute ear hoodie. I have a few hoodies with ears because they're cute and i need them for reasons ^_^

I think you can't tell but these leggings are velvet and they're not as warm as i thought they would be, i made that mistake last year too.

Also I'm selling a few clothes on ebay so click here to see them ^_^ i will more than likely accept any offer.
The title is a song from Bleech.

| Outfit: | Jacket - Mum's | Hoodie - Ebay | T-shirt - Asos | Leggings - Boohoo | Boots - Primark |

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