Sunday, 16 March 2014

Trend | Pugs

Trend alert. PUGS! I am seeing pugs everywhere and on everything. I may need to buy everything with pugs on. They are so cute with their squishy faces.  I've already started to buy things with pugs on. For Christmas i got some pug slippers and recently i just bought those asos tights. Which will be proven with a haul that is to come. I hope to see more and more clothes with dogs on. Move over cat's it's time for dogs, mainly pugs. I need those socks! They're ment for kids but who cares? If i can fit my feet in them i will wear them. I think they will look cute with some tights are shorts for spring. If you don't want to over do it with the pugs a great way to wear them is with some earrings, they are mostly hidden but give a cute charm. Okay i need all the pug clothes!

See more of the Pug items i want below!

She Said Beauty


  1. Ahh all these pugs are just SOOO cute.
    Bank Fashion has lots of Pug items to!

    Kelly from | Daydreams & Daisychains

    1. They are adorable. I bought pug socks from primark the other day, my bad.


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