Thursday, 20 March 2014

Ebay Finds | Under £3

I thought it was time to do another ebay find. Staying cheap all of these are under £3 which is a bargain. They're all ideal for spring/summer which is what i was thinking of when i was searching for things on ebay. All of them all in the UK so postage time is cut down.

First is those cute socks. I love wearing ankle socks with tights, which will be shown in my outfits to come. I am thinking of getting these grey ones as i am in need some some since i seam not to have any in grey at all. They're only £2.85 and can be bought here.

Second is those glasses, since the sun is shinning now it's a good time to start wearing them. I've been wearing mine the past few days to protect my eyes. These are the style i go for since i think they suit my face more. They're £2.59 and can  be bought here.

Next is the gold rings. I've been wearing my thick gold ones for the past few days as they're easy to style and go with a lot of clothes i have. I don't own much gold coloured jewellery but i think i should get some more to match these things. They're £2.25 for a set of four and can be bought here.

Finally the kleenex blotting paper. I had no idea kleenex sold this and i have no clue where to buy them from other than ebay. I normally buy my blotting paper on ebay from other countries since the UK doesn't sell them, or i don't know if they do, correct me if i'm wrong. They're very useful for summer when the heat starts to get to hot, good for fixing makeup and keeping shine free all day. They're only £1.39 per pack and can be bought here.

I hope you like this post, would you like to see more ebay finds? Perhaps on other things?

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