Saturday, 8 February 2014

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Review

Seventeen Phwoarr Paint Concealer Review

I don't remember when i bought it, but I've been using it everyday since i got it. It's become my favourite concealer. It hides my under eye circles really well. It doesn't make them disappear completely, but it does it the best out of all the concealers i have tried.

It says:
The hard core concealer to wage war on under eye circles.

Since this is a heavy duty concealer it has a thick consistency. Which is fine for me. It doesn't feel heavy on the skin though. It says to pat it under your eyes, which i do with my fingers and since it's  creamy it goes on easily and blends easy and doesn't look cakey.

It is very fair, which is perfect for me since i always find it hard to find anything to match my pale skin tone. It matches my skin close enough, it's not too light or too dark for me. It goes really well with my Skin Food Mushroom BB cream, almost the same shade. 

I've only had one day when the concealer just disappeared of my face, i don't know what happened but it was only the once. Maybe i rubbed my face during the day or something, who knows? Other than that one day it lasts for me all day which is normally 8+hours.

It's £5.49 in boots. I will be buying this again after i have run out, i love it!

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