Monday, 16 December 2013

Lush Penguin Bubble Bar

 The Christmas penguin is so cute. His nose fell off and i had to stick it back on for the photo. Me been the idiot i am thought it was a bath bomb and i threw it in the bath. When it didn't start fizzing i read the packet. So silly of me. So i didn't get very many bubbles out of it, but that's my own stupid fault for not checking first.

What they say:
Its orange flower absolute and Sicilian mandarin oil will refresh and uplift, while cornflour will soften the water.

To be honest i didn't really smell to much. There was a slight scent in the air but i couldn't place it and didn't think it was orange. It did however soften the water which in turn made my skin so soft and smooth. It also turned the water blue.

The day after and my skin still feels soft. I can smell it a little on my skin but still it isn't orange i smell. It just smells like soap to me. I would buy it again so that i can use it correctly next time, maybe next time i'll be able to smell the orange.

It still makes for a nice relaxing bath. It's only £2.95 which isn't too expensive for a bubble bar.
Buy here.

Sorry for the xmas border, i couldn't help myself. Have you tried any of the lush xmas range?

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