Saturday, 21 December 2013

HolikaHolika Petit BB Cream Moisture Review

 This is the first Holika Holika product i have used, they're a Korean brand. I must say i love this BB cream and it now might be my all time favourite, until i find others. The packaging is cute and in my favourite colour purple, my photos don't show that too much because of the lighting.

What it says:
Moisture petit BB helps make skin smooth and glossy by improving dry skin condition with Hyaluronic Acid. Makes skin youthful while effectively protecting against UV-rays.

  • Moisturising Effect - Clean Skin tone's maintenance
  • Elastic Enhancement - Anti-Aging and Wrinkle Improvement
  • Smooth Skin Texture
  • Hyaluronic Acid moisturises the skin and enhances elastic fibres with collagen and supplying nutrients to the skin cells. 
 As you can see this one from their Petit range is for dry skin, that's why i bought it since i have dry skin. It really does help with it. When its applied it leaves my skin nice and soft as well as hydrated. I notice the dryness on my face disappear. My face doesn't look greasy or shinny. I don't think it's a matte finish but it kind of looks like it, but that could just be my skin. I love that it protects against UV-rays and the colour isn't too dark for my skin, as you can see in the picture about. It's not the best match but it's okay.

The coverage is probably light-medium but i don't use a lot of product anyway and for me it lasts all day. You can't notice that it's on your face which is a good thing.  The only problem with this BB cream which isn't for me, but for others is that it only comes in one shade. And it's quite fair. Not the fairest of BB creams i have though.

I've been using this since i bought it a few months ago and i love it, the tube will last a while and i probably will buy it again once i run out.

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  1. Lovely review Hun! I don't think I've got it here in the states but ill look out for it


    1. You probably won't find it, you will have to order it online like i did. Ebay has them. ^_^


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