Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Guest Post | Anime Thoughts By Charlotte

 A differen't kind of post for today, brought to you by my friend. I hope you like this. I too like anime but it's been ages since i last watched something. Anyway here is what she has to say:

What to say about the animes I like, well the first thing to say is what i like in an anime. What I look for in an anime can be summed up to 3 elements; 

Epicness; i need to feel like the walls are going to crumble, the stars will fall and the world will end in a anime fight, it has to be epic! 

Humor; i need there to be super daft fun moments, there has to be some comic relief, its not anime if someone doesn't get silly at some point. 

Heart; i need to feel for the characters, and there has to be a moment or two that break my heart, and animes are masters of that, the unexpected soul crush, it shows how invested you are when you cry when their world crumbles around them. 

Now I'v said what i like in an anime ill say a few I'v watched that have delivered. 
Inuyasha; this one hits all the marks, how the protagonist gains strength to beat the ever stronger enemy, the pure humor and fun that's in most episodes, and the way it tugs at the heart, either in the main love story or all the other moments of pain, Inuysha is one of my most loved animes. 

Bleach; bleach is very similar to Inuyasha, but it does miss a core love story, but makes up for it in more epic, and unsuspected heart moments. 

Puella magi madoka magica; this is one i found recently, and it took me by surprise, what seems like a light fun girly anime took a dark turn and became more than i ever expected, and at a short 12 episodes, its a realistic watch to see them all.

If you want you can follow her on twitter here, or tumblr here.

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