Thursday, 28 June 2012

New Hand Painted Plimpsoles

So yesterday i was just looking through ebay as i do to see if i could find anything of interest.
When i came across some plipsoles. Now i love plimpsoles, they are just so easy to wear and very comfy.
The seller was selling new hand painted ones. So i had a look in the sellers store to see if there was any i like, and there was quite a few i liked. I decided i'd just buy one pair even though i wanted to buy like 5. I might buy another pair in in a while if they still have them.

Anyway these are the ones i bought yesterday (27th) which arrived today (28th)
I must add i bought them very early in the morningon the 27th. Which is probably why they arived on the 28th.

Just thought i'd share this sellers nice work.
The seller is ASCENT-6

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