Sunday, 10 June 2012

Banner's i made but didn't work + tumblr

I made two banners so i could have a change, one of them was to big to be uploaded -_-
and the other was to small to fit into the banner space, i might edit the second one to make it longer, or make a new one all together.

Because i made them i thought I'd share them. Not the best and i didn't really do much to them, but i like them.

Ahh blogger wae you no let me upload!
I'm stuck with my old banner that i made when i first started using blogger :(

Hope you've all had a good week.
Ooh and i now have tumblr
I'll probably only use tumblr for music related things, and reblogging a lot of stuff.
The music I'll post about and reblog will be about Jrock and Kpop.

Bye bye *Waves*


  1. How do you put a banner in?!?! I can't figure it out lol

    1. Go to the template designer, click on layout, at the bottom half of the screan there should be a bar with your blogs title, click on edit and a box should pop up, then just upload a picture. Hope you understood that.

    2. yes, it did make sense! thank you!


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