Wednesday, 4 July 2012

I Dip Dyed My Hair

For a while I've wanted to have dip dyed hair or peek-a-boo streaks. 
I bought the bleaching kit a month before i decided what to do, i couldn't decide. But i finally choose to do a dip dye, since it uses up more of the bleach and doesn't waste money.

I got my friend to do it for me and this is how it turned out.

<< I don't know why I'm making that face o_O
It lightened my hair quite a lot, this was only one round of bleaching. I'm going to let my hair rest for a few weeks then bleach it again. I don't want my hair to fall off.

The kit i used was L'Oreal perfect blonde creme maximum bleaching kit. It's the same price as any other home hair dye.
It didn't kill my hair to much as well, it felt very dry at first but after a few washes my hairs back to normal.
I would recommend this kit if your wanting to do this or bleach it all.
I'll post about this again after I've bleached it again.



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