Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Body Shop Chocomania Lip Butter

Since it's valentines day the body shop have a new range of products. They do this chocolate one in shower gel, body lotion, soap ect. I don't know if it's limited for valentines day.

So today i went into store and picked up the lip butter, i was going to buy the shower gel, but i already have a load of shower gel to go through.

It's £4 for a 10ml little tub. The smell is chocolatey but not to over powering and not sickly. It is very creamy and not sticky. It goes on the lips very nicely. Leaves them soft. It isn't coloured so it just looks like your wearing lip gloss. After i applyed it i got my friend to see if she could smell it when it's on. She said you could slightly. It doesn't taste like chocolate, not that i'v tryed to eat it, it even has a not sutable for eating symbol on the back. Which i suppose is good :) £4 is more than i would pay for a lip butter, but this was a present to myself. The only problem i have with it, is i have been having to reaply it something like every half hour. Which is more often than i have to with something like carmex. But that's nothing to bad, and most lip butters/balms are like that.

Anyway Happy Valentines Day ^_^

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