Friday, 17 February 2017

Home Wants | [Moving Day]

Home Wants

These are just a few things i want for my new place.
I've got an idea in my head of how i want the place to be.
White furniture thoughout the place with black deco/details.
Such as for the coffee table i've bought a black try to hold my candles and cauldron on as deco as well as my himalayan salt lamp tea light. Skulls everywhere!

I want a low down bookshelf near the sofa that i plan to make with shelves. That might not work and my idea will go out the window and i'll use a proper bookshelf.

There will be candles and incense everywhere as i love to unwind with some kind of scent filling the air. Also incense gets rid of any food smells from dinner which is great.

In the bedroom i need to make some kind of vanity area as the bathroom doesn't have much light. This will be on top of some draws until i know if there is enough space for a small table.

Safe to say i have a lot of ideas and as this posts it will be moving day. I might do some more posts on home deco once i'm all in and everything is in place.

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