Friday, 3 February 2017

Current Shower Favourites

Currently i'm loving these 4 items at the moment. 

1) Yes To Tomato Scrub - This is great as it's for spot prone skin, now i've had my skin under control for many years now but occasional I do get some spots and this scrub helps with that. I don't use it all the time as it does dry out my already dry skin but my face does feel super clean after using it. I would recommend anything from the Yes To range.

2) Lord Of Misrule Lush shower gel, it smells amazing nothing more to it really. Almost out of it.

3) Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub - I normally use scrubs in the summer but since i bought this huge one that had a deal on in boots a while ago i've been using it regularly. I use it once a week for the most part, or at least once every two weeks. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and smelling great for days.

4) Lush Shampoo Bar - I can't remember which one i got and as i write this up i no longer use it as i'm planning on dying my hair in a few days, and these bars don't go well with temp dye. But while i was using it. It left my hair super soft and frizz free. It left a super amazing smell on my hair for at least two days.

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