Monday, 22 August 2016

Current Shower Favourites

Thought i'd do a post on what i'm currently loving hair and body wise. 
Recently i've fallen in love with Lush's The Comforter, how have i not used this before? It smells so amazing and lingers on the skin for ages. I can still smell it on me the next day after showering. Save to say i'll be buying this again.

Yes to have been my go to for face products as of lately as i know they work well on my skin. This leaves my face feeling soft and refreshed. I did a review on their Tes to Tomato face cream a long time ago here. Currently using some of their face wipes and other face cream. I'll do a post on my current face items soon.

Bleach London has been the best thing for having coloured hair. Currently it's a weird greeny blue colour as i dyed it blue over a month ago and this has stopped my have from fading a lot. I plan to do a full review on it soon.

I'm going back to my purple hair in a few weeks so I'll review it then.

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