Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Bag Essentials | Quick Post

Bag Essentials

These are a few things i always have to have in any bag. If i change bag for one day i make sure i have these with me. To be honest the bobbles are on my wrist at all times as i have the no snack ones that also look cute as braclets, but i also have those clear elastic ones in my bag.

A Brush is a must as my fringe goes everywhere so i need to tame that things when indoors. My new one is that strawberry one and it comes with a mirror so no more looking at my phone.

Eyeliner is always there as sometimes i don't leave the house in my contacts and put them in at work. Or just feel the need to top up my eyeliner if i've been out for a long time.

Lipbalm is everywhere for me. I lost track of how many i have as i have one in almost every bag and jacket i own. Not a bad thing i guess.

What are your bag essentails?

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