Sunday, 29 May 2016

No Face | Outfit

No Face Studio Ghibli T-Shirt, No Face Tee,

 This No Face t-shirt is so adorable! If you watch Studio Ghibli films you'll know that No Face is from Spirited Away. No Face is probably one of my favourite Ghibli characters. When i saw this t-shirt on ebay i knew i had to buy it. The print isn't that great and the t-shirt is thick and scratchy but i don't care when it's this cute. It was a bad idea to wear this on that one rare day it was super warm. But i paired it with my bat tights which now have ladders everywhere and have to be put in the bin. It was a sad day as i love those tights. 

The dog (Sam) wouldn't leave me alone when i was taking these photos so here he is. Also please ignore the garden, after looking around for hours for a suitcase i was out of energy and just wanted to go home. So i did. 

Also this is me deputing my new purple hair. The purple keeps changing colour as i keep mixing different purples together but i'm having fun with it.

Do you like Studio Ghibli films?

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