Sunday, 31 January 2016

Late Review | Lush Xmas Box

I intended to post about this closer to Christmas but i forgot.
So my mum got me this and it been from lush i knew i would love it. I did worry that it would have bath bombs in it as most do but to my surprise it doesn't. Which is a good thing for me as we don't have a bath in the house just a shower. I miss using bath bombs and when i travel if the place has a bath i buy one and use it.

I have used the fun bar before and it's one of my favourite items from lush. It's fun to use and smells lovely. It also leaves the skin feeling smooth and the smell lingers for quite some time. The only problem is if it gets wet it leaves it as a gloppy mess in the shower as it did with the last one i had.

The pink star is soap and I'm not sure which one it is but i think it might be snow fairy. It smells pretty similar to it but not as strong. I've been using it in place of shower gel. Rub it on a shower puff and it lathers up very well. Smells amazing. 

Bubblegum lip scrub does what it says. I've used it a few times. It smells yummy.

The rest i haven't got around to using yet but once i do i will review them too.

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