Wednesday, 27 January 2016

How To Style Flannels

Flannels are something i wear a lot all year. Doesn't matter what season it is i will be wearing one at some point. They're just so easy to style, look effortless and cool. There is just one thing i always do to when wearing a flannel and that's to leave it unbuttoned. Personally i think it looks a lot better this way. I use them as cover ups in the summer and coats in the autumn.

Wearing a flannel with a long skirt to me makes it look less feminine. 

It makes it feel less put together and more casual.

This was something i wore at the end of summer but not quite autumn. It helped to keep my warm as the material is something thin or thick. I have a bunch at different thickness so some are perfect for keeping me warm without a jacket.

On that they're also good for winter with layering. Before it got to cold i could layer a flannel and hoodie together and it worked perfectly.

Now it's a bit colder it helps to feel less bulking with layers and a coat. Sometimes it good enough just to throw a thin cardigan under the flannel with a jacket.
In summer flannels are good to tie around the waist and wear it as an accessory during the day and simply throw on at night. I even do this at the start of autumn when a hoodie is good enough for the day but not warm enough for night.

Anyone obsessed with flannels like i am?

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  1. I love flannel shirts, they are so comfortable and versatile. I wish they made up more room in my wardrobe, also I love you AHS t shirt x

    1. Thanks :) I always want to buy more but i have enough as it is.


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