Thursday, 25 September 2014

Recent Inspiration

Grunge Inspiration

Thought I'd do a post on what's been inspiring me lately.

The hair in the middle has just inspired me a few days ago, it's Bom on 2ne1 and I'm on a mission to get my hair somewhat like that. I even bought a blond dye to lighten my hair. Now i don't know if I'm going to do just my tips or my whole head blue. But eventually i will go all over red. It's something I've wanted for a while now.

Long t-shirts as dresses, tights, long socks, beanies, denim jackets are nothing new in my wardrobe and I've been wearing them for ages! But with autumn coming it's pretty much the only time i get to wear things like this as i just freeze in the winter. I hate the cold.

I will not be wearing skirts though as i just don't feel comfortable in them. So as for the third photo in the top row I'm switching out the skirt for some checked shorts. That I've been waiting all summer to wear!

What's been inspiring you lately?

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