Friday, 19 September 2014

Herbal Essences Dry Shampoo | Review

This isn't going to be positive. In fact i don't like this at all. I really wanted to since it's cheaper than the usual dry shampoo i use. Saying that it smells lovely! That is the only positive thing i can say about it really. I bought it in boots when it was on a introductory price of something like £1.99 could have been more. I like their shampoo so i had high hopes for this. I've tried this on different hair days and still i have the same problem of it not really refreshing my hair and leaving it feeling clumpy and looking horrible. The only other time i've had this problem is when using a volume powder. It could be because this is a uplifting volume dry shampoo. Maybe my hair just doesn't like things that are supposed to volumise the hair. I have now kind of give up on using this and it's just sitting in my house.

It doesn't give me the 1st fresh feeling that it says on the front.
(Sorry the photo is upside down, blogger decided to do it and i can't change it.)
Have you tried this? What's the best dry shampoo?

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