Thursday, 22 May 2014

Mr Nutcase Review

Phone case review, rilakkuma

Today i have a review on Mr Nutcase*. I am super happy about this case as I've wanted a Rilakkuma case since i got this phone, which was quite a while ago, more than a year. My old phone i had one but for this they didn't make one. So when Mr Nutcase let you pick your own design i was over the moon. I went on google and found a picture of the cute Rilakkuma that i liked and that would work as a good phone design. Once i found it i just uploaded it to their case maker and placed it where i wanted it. I had to zoom in on the image a little, but the print still came out wonderfully! The case i got was a hard back, and it came just in time as of lately i keep dropping my poor phone. Just the other day i dropped it in the middle of River Island and the case protected it. My phone doesn't break when i drop it but it's still better to have some protected. And what a great way to accessorise with a phone case.

Mr Nutcase contacted me to review this but all opinions are my own.

She Said Beauty


  1. Aww what a cute case! Lovely :)


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