Friday, 2 May 2014

Astral Cream Review

Astral Cream Review

Astral Cream Review

 Today I'll review Astral Cream*.

What they say:
Astral is all the intense moisturising care your skin needs. The nourishing and protective formula is so effective it's never had to change.

Also on their website they say:
Because even though everyone is different and everyone uses Astral in their own particular way – the truth is Astral works for them. And in the 60 years that we’ve been making Astral we’re proud to have taken care of so many people’s skin needs. 

On the day i got this my hands felt a little dry, so i used a little of this cream and it instantly made my hands smoother and softer. I've been testing this for a while now and not only does it to that to the hands it also leave the body nice and smooth. The cream is quite thick with is where you get the moisturising from. My skin not only was smooth but was hydrated which lasted a while. I didn't have to use this every day. It rubs in quite easily but because it is a thick cream is doesn't spread as far. That been said a tub will last quite a while. There is a smell to this which i can't quite place, my mum said it smelt like baby powder.

This is an all over creams so you can use it anywhere on the body, even the face. It also can be used to remove makeup, i used it this morning to remove yesterdays smudged eyeliner that i missed when removing my makeup. Using it as a makeup remover is good since it will be less harsh on the skin. Just put some on a cotton pad a swipe across your face.

*This was kindly sent to me by astral to be review but all opinions are my own.

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