Sunday, 20 January 2013

My Top 5 Songs Of 2012

I thought i'd do a different kind of post, and i did mean to do this at the start of the year. But i forgot.
I will link all videos, so just click on the song title if you are interested in listening.


B.A.P - Warrior
It was so hard to choose one song from them, because they debuted last year and all their songs are amazing. So i just went with Warrior because it's their debut song and the lyrics are amazing.

An Cafe - Amazing Blue
I was supper happy to see a new song from An Cafe, they where my first jrock band and i had been waiting for them to come of hiatus.

The GazettE - Derangment
The whole album is amazing, and again so hard to pick just one song from them. 

Gackt is my favourite singer, his voice there is no words to describe it.

Sad that this band is going on hiatus as i love them so much. I will wait for them though like i did with An Cafe.

Sorry for the lack of posts. I will write up a review of a skin care product tonight and possible post it a little while after this.

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