Sunday, 20 January 2013

Garnier Fresh Essentials Grape Moisturizer

It claims to hydrate for 24hours and has vitamin E. It also says it's for normal to combination skin.
My skin is dry and it hydrates it perfectly. My face feels soft and smooth all day long. Now i don't know about it lasting 24hours because i normally apply it during the morning before my makeup and at night after taking my makeup off.

The smell is nice, and the cream is thick but lightweight, it doesn't leave the face greasy. It absorbs into the skin quite fast. I normally apply it then go get dressed while it's absorbing.
 This cream does the job well, it helps with my dry skin and it doesn't cost to much too.

 I couldn't find it on the boots website strangely, but i did find it on superdrug and it's on sale for £2.49 at the moment, it's normally around £5. So if you want to try it, now would be a good time.
Photo taken from garnier site.

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