Saturday, 22 December 2012

All I Want For Christmas Tag

I saw this tag on someone elses blog and it seamed like a fun thing to do, so here we go.
  1. What was the best present you ever received as a child?

    I actually
    have no idea, i'll just say my first phone because i still have it even though it doesn't work. It had a green screan, playing snake was so fun.
  2. Whats at the top of your christmas list this year?

    This year its CDs and a camera. I love owning CDs i prefure it to downloading them.  I can't wait to own B.A.P CDs.

  3. Do you have any funny christmas traditions?

    No we don't, or at least i don't think we do. We just do the normal christmasy stuff, we do watch horror films on christmas day though, last year we watched the omen and dead silent i think.

  4. What are your three christmas party essentials?
    Huh, i don't go to partys at all, so i have no idea, probably normal everyday stuff like BB cream, consealer and eyeliner.

  5. What's your favourite christmas movie?

    Ermm... Scroge... It's probably the only chirtsmas movie i will watch at all this year, i'm bored of chirtsmas movies.

  6. Are you a giver or a reciver?

    Ermmm... This question LOL
    Both, i love giving presents and seeing peoples faces as they open them. But i love getting things and seeing what people buy me.

  7. Who will you be kissing under the mistltoe this year?

    No one... But if i can choose can i kiss Bang YongGuk please ^_^

Well thats all for the tag. My answers are boring.
  1. If you do this tag post your link so i can read it.
    If i don't post before christmas day

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