Sunday, 7 October 2012

Update + OOTD

Oh my i just noticed it's been two weeks since i posts. Oops.
Well this week I've been sick with the flu/cold, so i haven't been anywhere.
And i don't remember last week...

I do plan to do a review, I'll get around to writing it soon and post it probably tomorrow. But for now I'll just do a OOTD using an instagram photo and stuff...

I know this is very lazy, but that day i didn't take any other photos, it was on Tuesday and i was tired.
So it's a lazy outfit, but comfy and warm.
I also went to see Resident Evil in the cinema that day, my friend woke me up.
It was a good film, not the best out of them all, but worth seeing.

Scarf - Primark i think, had it a few years.
Hoodie - New Look
Shorts - Primark
Leggings - Ebay - They are thicker than normal leggings
Shoes - Shoezone

How did i end up with so many samples :O
I should see if they are any good, most of them are sample BB creams, most are Korean.

Okay i think I'll put a break link here or it will become boring.
The stuff under the break will just be my drawing and stuff i recently got, related to music. B.A.P and the GazettE

I also got around to drawing an actual person for once.
It's supposed to be Himchan from B.A.P
I do not know what happened to his chin :O
I haven't draw profile in a while, and i just suck at drawing people anyway. 
I'll stick to drawing anime lol.

Speaking of B.A.P
My phone is now complete with Bunny Case and Matoki Phone Charm.

For those who don't know, Matoki is B.A.P's mascot, and B.A.P are a Korean group.

Also my the GazettE album Division came.
It's different from their usual stuff, but it's still them, you can feel it.

Okay i have nothing else to post about. So goodbye :)
I'll be sure to post more now that my flu/cold has almost gone.

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