Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Man tshirt day... Outfit of the day.

Last one for fun :)
It was an early morning, and i was very sleepy. So it's oversized day :) Man shirt wooh!!!
Which to be honist doesn't look like a man shirt, but it is hehe.
I really couldn't be botherd to go out that day. But i had too :(

Top - Primark
Denim Jacket - It was my mums, until i stole it & added studs to it.
Leggings - BHS
Black Braclets - Ebay
Skull Necklace - It was a present
Skull Breclets - International
Rings - Ebay
Shoes - They were a present.
Bag - Some shop that's no longer around.
Headphones - Beats
Can't forget my bunny case! (Which actualy isn't made for my phone, i cut a hole in it hehe)

^ Not part of my outfit, but i'v had the song on repeat all day. I'm addicted to it. No i'm addicted to the group. It's Crash by B.A.P They are Korean and they rock!!

Anyone listen to any kpop?

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