Sunday, 9 September 2012


I braved going to the hair dressers for a haircut. I hate going because everytime i'v been my hair has always been cut wrong.
But i went to a new place, it's a place my mum goes to, so i trusted her advice that the women wouldn't cut my hair wrong.
It's local and only down the road from me. Unfortunatly she is closing next week since she's having a baby. But i will probably get my hair cut by her again since she's going to be doing it from home.

 All i got done was had my bangs made into more of a fringe, i was originally planning on keeping my side fringe but, ah well. I also got a lot of short choppy layers. Which will look better once i get back into the hang of styling my hair. Since lately i'v just been leaving my hair naturally. Unfortunatly i was having a bad camera day and these were the best photos i could get -_-

(This photo was taken with my webcam, so it's low quality)
^ I like my haircut, i am pleased for once.

Hope you're having a good weekend :)

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